Our Financial Planning Process

As your financial planners, we:

  1. Assess your financial situation and analyze the adequacy of your assets to support your present and future lifestyle

  2. Develop steps for achieving your financial goals, including:

    • Determining an appropriate and dependable investment strategy to enable you, for example, to save for your child’s education, a new home or a comfortable retirement
    • Employing tax strategies to lessen your overall expenses
    • Helping you to organize and simplify your finances
    • Assessing risks to your stated financial goals and putting plans in place to provide a legacy for your loved ones

  3. Implement your financial plan

  4. Monitor your plan and investments on an ongoing basis

  5. Help you make prudent financial decisions after life-altering events, such as divorce, illness or employment change

  6. Work with a network of professionals with expertise in the following areas:

    • Tax, family and estate law
    • Accounting
    • Banking & Mortgages

Financial Planning Strategies

Traditionally, we are paid by the financial institutions who manage our client's portfolios. Alternatively, we can discuss a fee-based approach.

Ongoing Monitoring and Accessibility

Your investments are regularly monitored. At your regular meetings we will review the performance of your investments and your financial plan.

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